Three Best ways to give your customers personalized service

Making business today in any of the segments (particularly in retail and services) requires an entrepreneur to invest a lot of the resources and time to develop a loyal customer base and retain it successfully. It is hardly difficult to understand and acknowledge this bare business essential but when it comes to exploring ways to keep clients engaged, one faces the real challenge. Personalization of customer relationship is an offshoot of this struggle to encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue through repeat business.

To develop strong brand awareness and empower customers, communication has to be very personalized and relevant. That’s what consumers today expect.

Here are the three best mediums you can use to do this automatically with zero overheads by implementing intelligent software applications.

Customer portal

There is hardly any tool more efficient than self-service customer portals (Web or Mobile apps). Your engagement with the customer (and vice-versa) will assume a whole new meaning as the portal will make your virtual office open round the clock enabling visitors to pop in and access information relevant and up sells to them. Especially smart phone apps will allow your customers access information on the go and the business can use push notifications to direct them to business apps. Customer portals will work towards value creation as your customer will stay connected, administrator, buy up sells and read reviews at their convenience.

Personalized mails

Sending personalized emails with relevant quality content or offers allow businesses to build very royal customer list around your business that can bring reoccurring revenue.

Having a smart email application that can trigger pre post-purchase actions depending on your subscriber behavior is critical. This will help you send your targeted content/offers to your customers, develop richer customer relationships and increase repeat business automatically.

 Personalized SMS

SMS let your business connect with your customers in a more personnel level than email. Therefore you get immediate response from the consumers. However like emails you need to have right applications in place that can trigger pre post-purchase actions depending on your subscriber behavior and send them targeted up sells or content automatically.

Therefore make sure you have include these medium in your business plan to engage your customers with your brand, give them a personalized service and make repeat sales automatically with no overheads.

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