Run your small-medium business like an Enterprise

Modern web applications can require very complex datacentre equipment. Alongside your chosen server platform, you are likely to need a sophisticated storage area network, complex security systems, and access to very high performance Internet services.

It isn’t just the cost of buying the equipment, you should consider the floor space and cooling needed, the manpower required to keep these systems running, and the lead time to get it all installed and fully operational.

While very large businesses have had the luxury of these types of systems for decades, cloud based infrastructure services allow any size business to play in the premier league.

There are three common service models offered in the market – SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS – all offering different levels of outsourcing. In each case, your application can be quickly deployed and maintained at a professionally run datacentre.

These types of cloud service can be used to free up resources within your in-house team. By handing responsibility for day-today IT support and operations to a cloud service, your team can shift their focus to finding new ways to improve your business operations.

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