OpenShift PAAS by Red Hat For Open Source Developers

What is Open Shift?

Open Shift is the Red hat version of Platform as a service(PAAS).

 Open Shift is designed for open source developers to implement their applications in the cloud.

Here is a quick overview of the account types and their features.

  Express(Free) Flex
Languages and Frameworks Ruby: Rails, Sinatra Ruby: Rails, Sinatra
  Python:  Pylons, Pylons, Django Python:  Pylons, Pylons, Django
  Perl: PerlDancer  
  PHP: Zend,Cake,Symfony,CodeIgniter PHP: Zend,Cake,Symfony,CodeIgniter
  Java: EE6,CDI/Weld,Spring,Seam Java: EE6,CDI/Weld,Spring,Seam
Databases MySQL MySQL
  SQLite MongoDB
Messaging Soon! MRG

Red hat is planning to launch Open Shift  Power soon that enable developers to  deploy  applications that are written Linux based languages.(i.e. C, C++ or anything that builds in Linux). This gives develops the freedom of using completely custom architectures or standard n-tier deployments.

Power can deploy applications which have no web front-end (e.g. trading systems, modeling systems, payment processing, client-server, messaging apps, etc). Power has an image configuration system, a scripting template system, an image library for re-using template, and a way to dynamically define multi-VM architectures that span clouds.

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